Nachhaltigkeit & Klimaschutz im Pferdesport!
Lasst uns gemeinsam ein Zeichen setzen!

About us:

Riders for future is a free association of people, who want to set a sign in terms of sustainability and upcycling in equestrian sports. 

But read here how it all started .......

To my person: My name is Emily, I am 14 years old and live with my parents on a horse farm in Germany. My passion is our ponies and equestrian sports. I spend a lot of time on horseback tournaments at the weekend and have already had one or two successes there. At the moment, environmental protection is more important than ever. So I have begun to think about how to make the not always very sustainable equestrian sport "greener" and what contribution I could make myself. That's when I came up with the idea of ​​donating a large part of my annual prizemoney to an organization that is very committed to protecting the environment. Then I found "Plant for the planet" via the page of "fridays for future".But I think everyone who cares about the environment has their own recipe for what he or she can do. 

Another idea of mine was to create a page on which you can share and collect ideas for more sustainability and upcycling in equestrian sport. And every equestrian / horse lover who cares about the environment, should be able to join us. To be able to carry it out into theworld  that he or she is present. We have created an Instagram and Facebook accountfor this project. To participate and become active to f orm a community with you! It is not a question of everyone feeling obliged to implement every idea on our website!

No, it's about everyone being able to implement exactly the ideas that can be integrated into their personal everyday life.


Together we can make a difference and senda strong signal. Regardless of whether it

is small things in everyday life. Or your posts to draw attention to us.

Every little contribution or idea helps! We riders can also set a sign on

environmental protection.

Any ideas that come to your mind about sustainability and upcycling in equestrian

sports are welcome and can be discussed on our FB and Instagramaccount.

Mails are also welcome.

We are curious and look forward to further ideas,

which we can supplement here regularly.

Everything starts with a small step and can later make a big difference. Help with your ideas and join in !!