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Your ideas and tips for everyday life!      

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  • Repair instead of buying again

Grab your boots and bridles and go to the saddler of your confidence. Get things

fixed and do not buy again.

  • Donate money to an environmental organization

If you like it, you can donate part of your prize money to an organization that

supports the environment (for example, PLANT FOR THE PLANET).

  • Second hand rocks!

A large selection of used equestrian sports items can already be found on many portals or flea markets.

  • Mindful handling and care Look closely at the ingredients of care products.

A comparison is worthwhile.

  • Green electricity on the equestrian center and in the stables 

  • Carpooling to more distant stables

is good for the environment and for the team climate.

  • Use environmentally friendly paints for painting the obstacles

  • Dilute expensive mane and fly sprays with a bit of water.

They still work very well most of the time and you can have some of them longer.

  • Color Old White Saddle Pads

Just dye your old discarded tournament saddlebags with eco-friendly paint and use

them for everyday wear.

  •  Upcycle hay bands

and use them to hang balls and licks.

  •  Buy organic feed and compare prices

Organic producers are usually not much more expensive than the feed

producer on site.

  • Mix horseflies sprays with natural ingredients (recipe) yourself

  • Mane plaiting bands several times or only if necessary use.

Many plaiting bands can be used without problems also a second time.

Just collect in a tin. In time skip on mane bands!    

  • Organize collective treatment appointments for horse physiotherapy.

In order to save multiple arrival routes and at the same time it also savestravel costs.

  • Upcycling a lead rope from old holsters.

  • Place bulk orders with your feed dealer to save transportation.

  • No cosmetic or wet wipes are used to clean the nostrils and eyes.

But reusable rags.

  • Tinker horse toys yourself

From a straw hay band, from a thicker round food plastic packaging and treats

Upcycling horse toys. (Instructions on FB and Instagram)

  • Replace plastic grooming box with a durable alternative made of wood or metal

  • Environmentally friendly leather care

Take a close look at the ingredients of care products. A comparison is worthwhile.

The ingredients required to manufacture shoe creams, leather balm, leather grease

and waterproofing spray should always be of natural origin. These include beneficial

beeswax, coconut fat, extracts from orange peel, smooth rapeseed oil and jojoba oil.


  • Natural flies-sprays

Mix flies-sprays with natural ingredients (recipe) yourself.

This is not only cheaper, but also better for the environment. There are many nice

spray recipes on the Internet.


  • Waste separation

Observe careful waste separation also on the riding facilities.

You can find out which horse products come in which bin here.


Does the older saddle pad or sweat blanket really belong in the garbage?

Or can we maybe do something good for the school horses in the riding club? Maybe

we can even upcycling something new from old things. You can find upcycling ideas



  • Save water

What works in everyday life without a horse / pony can also be implemented in the

stable. Before doing so, consider whether you really have to shower your animal or

whether you can also use the brush. If you come to the conclusion that water is

necessary, because the legs are completely muddy or our horse / pony is very sweaty,

you can try to shower only the most necessary parts. So you can save a lot of water.


  • Collection box

Place a box in your riding stable, riding club, riding room or anywhere else where

many of your stable colleagues and horse friends are traveling.


  • Idea for organizers of a horse show

Give the riders the opportunity to exchange the price loops at the registration office for a drink.


  • Make your own neck ring

What could you do with an old rope? Right, use it as a neck ring for ground and free

work with your horse / pony.


  • Old socks as stirup protector

Socks,that are no longer suitable for wearing, because

they may have holes and slip,

can be used great as an undercover. You just put them

over the temples.

Your stirrups and saddle are already protected from cats.


  • A pillow case as a saddle cover

You can use an old pillow case as a saddle cover. Maybe a saddle is no longer used

and the case can help to protect it from dust. Or it is also great for everyday use.


  • Horse blanket holder made from old horseshoes

With a board, a few screws and old horseshoes,

you can easily make a ceiling bracket.

Video: Julia Fricke


  • Serenity training

An old parasol, garbage bag, barrier tape, towel and sack can be used to create a

curtain for serenity training.


Have fun trying!